Child and Spousal Support Arrangements

Legal Source in this article aims to tell you about the child and spousal support arrangement in the simplest way. In fact generally there are two main types of children financial support after the separation from the partner (remember, that you can always get legal financial support from the other parent even if before you never lived together):
1. Federal Government provides Centrelink family assistance payments.
2. Child support can be received from the other parent.

After the separation from the partner it is also legal to apply for spousal support or maintenance after the separation from the partner. Everything from the above mentioned assistance payments (Centrelink, child support, and spousal maintenance) apply only to those couples who have been married or were in a de facto relationship, the sex of the couple in the relationship here does not matter.

Child support and law

The law says that all parents have to pay the financial support of a child without any exceptions: it does not matter if they were married, or just lived in a de facto relationship or if they have never even lived together. Many parents do not know whether they have to apply for child support. In case you broke up with your partner with good relationship you can arrange the payments without government departments, courts or any other government agencies. In the other way, you can always seek for help in legal agencies to force your ex-partner support the child by law.

How to get spousal maintenance from the former partner

In some cases the law may allow you to receive some spousal maintenance from the partner to cover the living expenses. To apply for maintenance you need to have the following documents:
• financial support;
• document that will prove your partner's ability to pay for the support.

You can order maintenance when:
• your relationship were so long that you have lost your skills for work;
• you take care of a child of the relationship;
• you are disabled;
• you cannot work because of your age.

George Hunnigan writes about child and spousal support arrangement based on data from website to help readers understand basic notions of the child support.

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