When Do You Need to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A lot of people hesitate whether they need to hire an injury attorney or should they do everything on their own. Technically, you can always file your personal injury claim against any insurance company without any assistance. And a lot of people follow this path if they go minor injuries and have enough time to profoundly research the legal claims process themselves.

However, a professional attorney - especially if we are talking about a personal injury attorney - can easily answer your question of how to compensate your injury and can also help you get the most of it. Furthermore, in many cases an ordinary individual without professional legal help is simply unable to fight against big insurance companies and their team of experts. Your lawyer is already aware about all the hidden rocks in these cases and procedural rules so he or she can effectively handle all the legal work for you to win the case.

Most major insurance companies also have a team of lawyers whose aim is to pay you no money. This is why according to Jeff Mass lawyer - professional in such cases, you need to seek experts help in the following cases:

  • You have suffered from severe injuries.
  • You face the necessity to pay huge medical bills.
  • You have lost significant part of your wage due to the injuries.

Below we present a list of most common cases when professional help of an attorney might be in hand for you.

Auto Accident Injuries

Severe Injuries
According to the attorney, the severity of your injuries is measured by the type of injury(s) you have sustained; recovery time; cost of the treatment and any possible therapeutic procedures that you may require (including the procedures that you may need in the future).

Long-Term or Permanently Disabling Injuries
As a rule, injuries that last around a year are considered to be long-term ones. If an injury is permanent and disables you for the rest of your life, then it is a disabling one. Most frequently it is a pretty complicated and tricky process to prove your long-term not even mentioning permanently disabling injuries. This is why for the reason of fighting with medical companies you need to hire a professional lawyer.

Disputed Liability and Refusal to Pay

Basically, in these cases an insurance company refuses to pay you the money either because it says that the policyholder is not responsible for the injuries or because the company simply does not want to. According to statistics these cases are the longest and hardest to solve. Most frequently you will not be able to handle them without professional legal help of a lawyer simply because you do not know all the legislative base of these cases well enough.

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