Tips for sponsoring a spouse to Canada

Canada is a north-American country having 10 provinces. It is surrounded by Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans. It is the second largest country by total area. It is one of the most developed countries of the earth. Love is blind and if your spouse is non-Canadian, you must have realized the blindness of love. The real challenge is not just to find a perfect soul mate, after finding her/him the real challenge is to sponsor her to Canada.

Sponsorship is a support provided by a person to a person. Canada spouse sponsorship is not a hard nut to crack. You need to be well informed about the procedure and requirements of the procedure. According to Canadian law if you are a permanent citizen of the country you can sponsor you spouse to immigrate to Canada. You must ensure the respected authority about following things:

  1. You can afford the basic needs such as food, medicine and education of you and your spouse.
  2. You are capable to provide your spouse the financial support and assistance.
  3. Your spouse should be dependent on herself or you, in other means she will not ask government to aid her financially.
  4. The person who is sponsoring must exceeded the age limit of 18.

To sponsor your spouse's immigration application, there are two ways. Sponsoring within the country and sponsoring out of the country. The spouse of yours should share apartment with you. To get Canadian immigration, one should fill the relevant application and fulfill the needs and requirements asked by the authority. A legal status of your spouse can make you from complicated procedures otherwise you can ask immigration on humanity basis. The application for immigration to Canada is called as Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), you can get the form from the particular administrative body. There are two processing centers located in Vegerville and Alberta. The procedure takes four to five months approximately. If the applicant leaves the country even for small span during the procedure and is refused to re-enter in the country, the application will be rejected. Spouse sponsorship is not a complicated and dragged procedure.

Author bio: Tara Hilson has done a lot of research on Canada spouse sponsorship so she recommends this website a lot.

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